Energy Services

Pypha Energy Consulting and Management Services provides natural gas and electric power management, procurement, and risk management services to commercial, industrials facilities, independent producers and utilities. Do not submit or accept energy procurement bid without our expert advice.

We provide energy management, procurement, and risk management services to wide range of clients.

Services include:

    • Energy Procurement and Management

    • Energy Bid Analysis and Appraisals

    • Energy Risk Management

    • Energy Asset Development / Management

    • Energy Sourcing and Origination

    • Valuation & Due Diligence Services

Our long-term commitment is to keep providing highest quality, value-added advisory services. Our consulting group operates without the conflict of a public equity research, sales and trading department or investment arm.

From medium to large size energy businesses, our highly seasoned professionals with wealth of experience in the energy industry provide a good source of support. We provide consultancy in area of Bid Valuations and Appraisals, Energy Asset Development and Management on both domestic and international projects.

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